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Completion Process

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"The practice of putting yourself back together again".

This emotional healing method, allows healing, empowerment, and even enlightenment which then reflects as a transformation of one's life's manifestations to happier experiences.

The application of the Completion Process seeks to generate awareness and resolution of past resentments and even traumatic experiences, enabling healing of present negative emotions that surge from time to time. It is quick and demonstrates profound results leading to the experiencing of awareness and enlightenment on all experiences one has manifested during their life. This method enables the identification of the root experience that originated the patterns, bringing freedom from those subconscious thoughts and feelings by dissolving them. It brings serenity, especially tranquility due to forgiveness, and happiness. It allows one to consciously manifest what they truly want and better their relationships including the one with oneself.

As Children are growing up their cognitive and other functions are still developing, this means that situations may occur which might be traumatizing to some extent if there isn't a proper intervention that validates the child's feelings in that particular situation, helping to generate a resolution avoiding resentments and other subconscious distortions. This leads to the linking of the memory to a negative interpretation, leaving it unresolved and as an emotional trigger resulting in a pattern to be relived throughout adulthood.

I guide the client through the steps of the Completion Process walking them through an emotional trigger by following the emotion to the earliest memory, generally in childhood, then resolving the child's need in that memory through mental visualization of resolution and providing awareness through the adult perspective of the events that occurred.

Parts and shadow work are other techniques I also use for guiding. This work is done with two parts that are in a state of opposition. Becoming aware of these subconscious parts within one self is a shadow work process. This technique harmonizes these internal parts, and the absence of internal opposition between parts results in inner peace.

Abandonment, Self Acceptance, Addictions, Anxiety, Betrayal, Fatigue, Boundaries Codependency, Creativity, Play, Connection, Intimacy, Depression, Gaslighting, Fear, Connecting With Your Heart, Purpose, Relationships, Separation, Shame, Social Anxiety, Divine Feminine, Grief, Health Issues, Parts Work, Powerlessness, Anger, Relationships, Self Love, Confidence

The methods used are of: Teal Swan's Completion Process method. Similar are: Michael Brown's Presence Process, and Kalaisa's Nithyananda Completion Process.

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If you are in a crisis or if you or any other person may be in danger, the following resources can provide you with immediate help. The Completion Process should not be used in place of medical, psychological or psychiatric advice.

International rape crisis hotlines list:
Addiction hotlines:


Nina Mendes Avila

Nina Avila

Tarot Reader, Reiki Master Teacher

Nina is a healer on the spiritual path for many years and does her work as a Psychic Tarot Reader, and a traditional Reiki Master Teacher and a Mykiono Cosmic Reiki practitioner, member of the Canadian Reiki Association.


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