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In our space, we provide holistic and integrative therapies, developing and applying healing and self-healing so that you can truly find your balance of body, main and spirit, and inner peace.

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Readings & Guidance

Tarot Readings

Tarot Reading

I listen to sitters in a calm and safe space to understand their concerns and their hopes, many times they're going through life changes and a lot of anxiety, shedding light to the issues at hand by looking into the future with them, providing clarification, guidance, and reassurance.

I combine a cabalistic psychological archetype approach, empowering sitters to align their thoughts, emotions, and actions, leading to the smoothest path towards the desired outcome, which is more agreeable with the spirit.

The client takes full responsibility for any personal interpretation of the consultation and is also responsible for any future effects their actions create.  Our readers do not provide any professional medical, legal or financial advice. Our services are for entertainment purposes only.

Tarot Readings

Extended Reading - Price: 180 CAD / Duration: 90 min.

Reading - Price: 120 CAD / Duration: 60 min.

Quick Answer - Price: 35 CAD / Duration: 15 min.

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Life Coaching

Online Live Video or Presential. We begin with an analysis of the personality profile, based on memories and remarkable life stories. Then comes the identification of potential emotional blocking points. After the emotional phase, the understanding of the state of mind and self-love.

We conclude, realizing what are the right parapsychology and psychology tools that will allow you to work on aligning personality and soul. You will take home techniques to put into practice and promote the goal of Being Happy in the Present moment with more health, well-being, and with Self Love.

Tarot Readings

Price: 130 CAD / Duration: 90 min.

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Tarot Readings
Psychic Chakra Readings

Completion Process

"The practice of putting yourself back together again".

I guide the sitter through the steps of the Completion Process, to walk them through an emotional trigger following the emotion to the earliest memory, then resolving the child's need in that memory through mental visualization of resolution and providing awareness through the adult perspective of the events that occurred.

This process allows healing to occur, empowerment, and even enlightenment, and consequently this reflects as a change of one's life's manifestations to happier experiences.

As Children are growing up they, their cognitive functions, amongst others, are still developing. This means that situations may occur which, depending on each individual's perception, might be traumatizing to some extent if there isn't a proper intervention that validates the child's feelings, helping to generate a resolution, avoiding resentments and other subconscious distortions, since the child in face of the situation hasn't yet the ability to manage the emotion by recurrence of the use of a full capacitated cognition and not only that, linking it to a negative interpretation, leaving it unresolved and as an emotional trigger resulting in a pattern to be relived.

Parts and shadow work are other methods I also use for guiding sitters.

We work with two parts that are in a state of opposition because this opposition is the primary cause of distress in one's life since the degree of internal suffering is about the degree of harmony or lack of it between these internal parts or selves. Becoming aware of these subconscious parts within one self, is a shadow work process. This technique leads to the absence of internal opposition between parts resulting in inner peace.

I have applied the Completion Process to myself. Even though I was already on the spiritual path practicing for many years methods and techniques that conduce to awareness and consequently inner peace, being already a Reiki Master Teacher, a Homeopath and TCM practitioner, I found with this method great awareness and resolution of past resentments and even traumatic experiences that I wouldn't have been able to connected to present negative emotions that would surge from time to time, wouldn't it had been for the application of this process. I was so amazed at its quick and profound results, that I applied it several times until the point I experienced a great awareness of my entire life, and enlightenment on all experiences I had manifested during my life up until now. I was already aware before that we are the ones who manifest our reality, I was already aware of laws such as attraction, and I did know the inner workings of the processes of these manifestations, but with the application of the Completion Process, I was able to identify exactly the root experience that originated the patterns. I was set free from those subconscious thoughts and feelings, that caused the successive repetition of situations that would cause me suffering, since they were immediately dissolved. It brought me greater serenity, and specially tranquility due to forgiveness, and happiness. It made me feel a ton lighter and allowed me to consciously manifest what I truly wanted, my true heart's desire, and it bettered my relationships including the one with myself.

Abandonment, Self Acceptance, Addictions, Anxiety, Betrayal, Fatigue, Boundaries Codependency, Creativity, Play, Connection, Intimacy, Depression, Gaslighting, Endurism, Fear, Connecting With Your Heart, Purpose, Relationships, Separation, Shame, Social Anxiety, Divine Feminine, Eating Disorders, Grief, Health Issues, Parts Work, Powerlessness, Anger, Relationships, Self Love, Confidence

The methods used are of: Teal Swan's Completion Process. similar are: Michael Brown's Presence Process, and Kalaisa's Nithyananda Completion Process.

Bach Flower Therapy may be complimentary.

If you are in a crisis or if you or any other person may be in danger the following resources can provide you with immediate help. The Completion Process should not be used in place of medical, psychological or psychiatric advice.



Another international list:

International rape crisis hotlines list:

Addiction hotlines:

Tarot Readings

Price: 120 CAD / Duration: 60 to 90 min.

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Twin flame coaching

Being a Twin Flame is a very beautiful mission! Twin Flames are an evolution from the 3D couple relationship to a union. They bring healing to the planet and are usually professional healers in some field, themselves.

If you're a Twin Flame, you know so.

As a Twin Flame myself, I am aware of how difficult the journey can be sometimes, And I too looked for guides already ahead on the path who gave assurance that the process was true indeed, and that it did end up in union for them!

So here I am at a point ready to offer Guidance on the inner work required, throughout the stages that lead to union. Because ultimately the journey is about union with one's inner twin, and bringing out the quintessential, or Divine, Masculine and Feminine energies.

Guidance on false twin or pre-twin process phase, facilitating greater awareness and a smoother detachment.

Chakra reading and alignment.

Tarot Readings

Price: 120 CAD / Duration: 60 min.

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Intuitive Counseling
Future Predictions

Time Traveler

Time traveler Meditation is a supra conscious meditation technique. It is a journey through time, with stops in time spaces that mark the experience of the Selves. We travel here through the micro cosmos of each one in search of harmony, peace and well-being. We look for feelings, blocks, yearnings, and for limitations. In this regenerative practice, you will unlock stagnant emotions and release them, by accept them and allowing them to transform, bringing in a new you.

Price: 180 CAD / Duration: 120 min

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With Nina Avila

Astrology is a fantastic tool for making the best out of the potential energy in an astrological chart. It enables us to direct our energies optimizing our actions according to our objectives, and improve our relationships, careers, finances, wealth, and lives in general, by looking at where highlighted aptitudes and underlying patterns reside, understanding them and becoming self-aware.

This is done through the examination in the chart of the positions of the planets in the signs, houses, and degrees, as well as the nature of the aspects between them.

Also the analysis of transits brings guidance on the best way to navigate and extract from the current "cosmic weather" at hand, opportunities for growth and expansion.

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Tarot Readings

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