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With Jose Branco

Life Coach Online and in Toronto, ON

Life Coaching for a Happy and healthy lifestyle, Body, Mind and Soul.

Online Live Video or Presential. We begin with an analysis of the personality profile, based on memories and remarkable life stories. Then comes the identification of potential emotional blocking points. After the emotional phase, the understanding of the state of mind and self-love. We conclude, realizing what are the right parapsychology and psychology tools that will allow you to work on aligning personality and soul. You will take home techniques to put into practice and promote the goal of Being Happy in the Present moment with more health, well-being, and with Self Love.

Price Online Session: 130 CAD / Duration: 90 min (book on calendar)
Price In-Person Session*: 170 CAD / Duration: 90 min (contact us to book)

Jose Branco

Jose Branco

Yoga Instructor, Meditation Teacher, Life Coach

Jose Artur is an Integral Yoga of Himalayas instructor, a Meditation teacher, as well as a Life Coach. He also facilitates Trinity Dance and Healthy Cuisine workshops, retreats, and other related interests.


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(647) 704-5792



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