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Integrative Medicine and Therapies Center Card Reading Toronto

Here you will find divination tools for providing clarification, reassurance and guidance, and magical work in a calm and safe space based on trust, integrity and support.

Tarot & Oracles

  • Quick answer
    Quick Answer

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    Three card spread to answer one question, followed by an oracle card for advice.

    Price: 40 CAD 
    Duration: 15 min

  • Full Prime
    Full Prime

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    Addresses multiple questions concerning relationships, love, career, life changes, decisions, etc. Finishes with clarification or advice from an oracle.

    Price: 120 CAD
    Duration: 60 min

  • Twin flame
    Twin flame

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    Looking into Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine, and Divine Union energies. Guidance on the inner work required for achieving balance. Guidance on false twin or pre-twin process phase, facilitating a smoother detachment.

    Price: 180 CAD
    Duration: 90 min

  • Deep dive
    Deep Dive

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    Reading with the laying of an extra deck to deepen into details, and broaden the information. Laying of various oracles for advice and clarification. Also used for yearly readings in the beginning of the year.

    Price: 180 CAD
    Duration: 90 min

  • Open view
    Open View

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    Answers one or two subjects in a simple and concise manner. Pulling of an oracle card for clarification or advice.

    Price: 70 CAD
    Duration: 30 min

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