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About Myholystic

 Myholystic promotes a journey of alignment through the offering of health and wellbeing services. The integration of different holistic medical systems and therapies aims at achieving self-awareness and good health, and maintaining it for all ages. Wellness requires a holistic approach. We may consider holistic health and wellness to be sustained by several pillars: spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical, nutritional, social, environmental, financial/occupational. The path to wellness is individual.

 Myholystic's objective is foremost to focus on the development of human consciousness, to bring about healing and ease to the body, the mind and the soul, as well as to teach how to maintain good health through every day routine, by molding positive habits, that are enjoyable, practical, and fun, that develop into a healthy lifestyle. 

This is the most important tool for preventing disease and promoting well being and happiness in our lives. Through a healthy lifestyle, built with positive habits and a hygienic behavior, we create and sustain sound relationships, good family bonds, and consequently an agreeable community, leading to more serene and tranquil lives. Because ultimately, life is about relationships!



Nina Avila

Tarot Reader, Reiki Master Teacher


Nina is a Psychic Tarot Reader. A traditional Reiki Master Teacher as well as a MYKIONO Cosmic Reiki practitioner, being a member of the Canadian Reiki Association.

Nina is also a licensed Traditional Chinese Medicine Specialist and a Homeopath in Europe, and is completing studies in the Advanced Diploma of Traditional Chinese Medicine at the OCTCM - Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, in Toronto, Canada.

Nina uses her intuitive abilities combined with specific tools for providing guidance and healing to clients, while empowering them to align with their true desires in order to thrive towards their personal advancement and life improvement. 

Nina creates a calm and safe space for her clients, based on trust, integrity and support.

A little about me

I'm fascinated with Esotericism and enchanted with Metaphysics! Psychic abilities came naturally to me in childhood, I learned to use divination methods, studied astrology, becoming interested a little later on in Theosophy, simultaneously developing strongly clairvoyance, clairsentience and claircognizance. Later on in life, I pursued the alternative medicine path.

I also enjoy teaching, especially Tarot and Reiki which are fantastic tools for becoming aware of one's subconscious patterns and making the best out of one's potential energy. I am very keen on discussing themes such as: the alchemical process of connecting Ida and Pingala, the Dark Night of the Soul, the Ascension process, Initiations in the Mysteries, extraterrestrials, the mysteries of the universe, and pretty much anything that seems out of this world!... ha-ha!

I am devoted to internal vision and the natural development of humanity's evolution in awareness. My life purpose is to share these gifts in a useful way for the good of us all.

Nina Avila

Tarot Readings

Jose Branco

Yoga Instructor, Meditation Teacher, Life Coach


Jose Artur is an Integral Yoga of Himalayas instructor, a Meditation teacher, as well as a Life Coach. He also facilitates Trinity Dance and Healthy Cuisine workshops, retreats, and other related interests. He has a background in Design as well as in Branding and Marketing, and as a Conceptual Art Director. 

Jose Artur believes that Magic is the elixir for Love in Life. His work is focused on helping individuals integrate their own wide wise vision. Being a natural motivator is his signature! He is dedicated to help people heighten their vibe to a state of joy, positive thinking, and faith.


A little about me

I always felt very connected to the true beautiful meaning of Life, of Love, of Compassion, of the Universe, of Unity, of Lives and Logos.

I discovered myself as an Integral Yoga teacher for Raja, Jnana, Karma, Bakti, Nidra, Integral and Meditation, in an intense journey to Nepal and to the highest and purest Himalayan mountains.

Now integrated into this truly magical, holistic and integrative world, I also became a Life Coach, as well as a promoter and organizer of retreats, festivals, holistic events and related workshops. 

As I helped myself find my true and honest higher self's purpose, I feel I have the mission to help others do the same and free themselves from whatever weighs them down, through tools I personally intuitively developed and others based on Himalayan traditions.

I study and research Esoteric Science, Theosophy, and Universalism.

As an Artist I dedicate my time to painting. Imagination and intuition are my flow to create.

My work is based on the art of communication through pure forms of expression, where everything feels and speaks; my life is based on Love, Happiness and sharing. Believing that the world makes more sense when we are united in harmony, makes me strive for balance, creating ideas and structures that bring people together, so that we can promote greater happiness for everyone, greater awareness, and more sustainability and joy on the Planet and for it.

Jose Branco

Tarot Readings

Alka Masrani

Alka Masrani

Healer, Hypnotherapist


Alka is an Energy-Healing practitioner with over twelve years of experience. She is an Addiction Counsellor/Social Worker and Certified Emotion Code Therapist. Other techniques she uses to help her clients include: Hypnosys and Hypnotherapy, Reiki, MPS (Micro-point Stimulation ), and Reflexology. She specializes in helping individuals become the healthiest version of themselves, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

About Me

My personal journey through life's many transitions has helped me develop strong intuitive abilities. I love helping people and believe that the combination of my business and personal experience, along with the Emotion Code helps me partner with clients to help them overcome any barriers and obstacles that are blocking them from expressing their true selves in the world.

Today, of all the modalities I work with, The Emotion Code as it is a favorite of my clients. Many share with me that releasing their negative emotions has been a powerful and transforming experience. Especially, releasing the Heart-Wall emotions! as it helps most effectively and fast. If necessary, I use the other techniques to support.

I help my clients release physical pain, emotional wounds, anxiety, and depression by uncovering trapped emotions and low-vibrational frequencies that get stuck within the body, chakras, and auric field. By uncovering and eliminating these subconscious trapped emotions, I'm able to help my clients reconnect with their higher self so they can experience a more peaceful, happier, and joy-filled life.

Tarot Readings

We provide Tarot Reading, Astrology, Yoga, Meditation, Reiki Energy Healings, Chakra Reading & Alignment, Life Changing Retreats and more.

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