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All about Tarot Readings

BY N A |

There are several ways to connect with your inner self for awareness and emotional balance, and Tarot readings are one way to achieve this. Tarot readings give you hope, reassurance, and prepare you for what is to come.

If you’re interested in getting a reading done and would like to know more about it, myholystic gives you below the guidelines on Tarot readings.

What are Tarot readings?
Tarot readings are psychic readings that recur mainly to Tarot and Oracle cards for predicting the future events of one’s life, providing clarification, guidance, advice, and reassurance, with the higher purpose of gaining self-awareness. As clients are listened to, and their hopes and concerns are understood - many times they’re going through major life changes - looking into the future with a reading provides them a sense of orientation. Moreover, clients are empowered to align their thoughts, emotions, and actions, leading to the path of less resistance towards their objectives, which is more agreeable with the higher-self.

Types of readings
myholystic offers the following Tarot readings: Deep Dive, Full Prime, Open View, Twin Flame, and Quick Answer. The Deep Dive reading deepens and broadens the information related to the questions you have, and is also appropriate for a yearly reading, as it proceeds with the laying of an extra deck as well as the laying of various oracles for advice and clarification. The duration of this reading is 90 minutes. The Full Prime reading covers any questions - career, love, life changes, decisions, etc. - and information that spontaneously shows up, finishing with advice from an oracle. The session lasts 60 minutes. The Open View reading option, provides you with clarification to specific questions in a brief and concise manner, and has a duration of 30 minutes. The Twin Flame reading looks into Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies, and the divine Union, also providing guidance on the inner work required for achieving balance. It lasts 90 minutes. The Quick Answer reading, provides you with a short answer to one question and Archangel or oracle advice.

The benefits of readings
Tarot readings help you look deep into your life and obtain intuitive guidance. They give hope, reassurance and help you to better prepare for what is to come. Over time, they also teach you empowerment to bring greater awareness, acceptance of the present moment, and decisiveness. This will help you take control of your life and be the best version of yourself.

Challenges you may face during a reading
First-time clients often don’t quite know how many questions they are entitled to ask and what or how much information they should share. You may begin by giving an overview of your concerns regarding certain areas of your life on which you are looking for clarification. Try to resume with three or four questions. The more information you share as a client, the more detailed and precise information you will get from the reading. A relationship with the reader is important and advantageous, and returning to your reader can help you get progressively more out of readings. Your confidences are always safeguarded as readings are generally confidential.

Questions to ask your reader
Some common questions you might have as a first-time reader are:

1. How far apart can readings be done?
The answer to this is that it is really up to you to determine, based on how many readings you want to have and how far apart you want them to be. But as any good reader would do, if the questions you have are exactly the same as the ones you had on your last reading and it was done very recently, you will be advised to allow events and feelings to develop before getting another reading. 

2. Are there things you cannot predict?
We might predict the occurrence of a death for instance, but we wouldn’t share that information bluntly as it is unethical. We would help prepare for that occurrence in a sensitive and caring manner.

3. What cards do you use?
Different Tarot decks and Oracle card decks are used in readings.

4 How much does a Reading cost?
The ratings are: Dive Deep - $180; Full - $120; Short View - $70; Quick Answer - $40.

Making the most of readings
To get the best out of readings, you should use them for clarification, reassurance, and for gaining self-awareness. Decisions are yours to make, and ultimately you are the one responsible for their outcome. Readings are great tools to show you what is going on within you and consequently in your life and what will manifest. Self-awareness brings honesty to what we truly desire, what we are afraid of, and therefore manifesting. It also helps create an awareness of what your goal must be for a specific outcome.

As you can see, readings can have several advantages. If you’d like to give this experience a go and have a reading done, reach out to myholystic. You can book a reading by visiting our website here or by giving us a call at (236) 886-7341

myholystic is an integrative medicine and therapies center in Toronto, Ontario. We provide services for guidance and healing. These include Yoga, Meditation, Life Coaching, Intuitive Counseling - Completion Process, Twin Flame Coaching, Reiki, and even Bach Flower remedies therapy, which are wonderful alternatives and complementary to Tarot Readings. We aim to promote a journey of alignment through the offering of these holistic services. The integration of different holistic systems and therapies is designed to achieve self-awareness and good health and maintain it for all ages.

To learn more about our services, please click here or set up an appointment with us by clicking here.


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