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Nei Gong vs Qigong

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Nei Gong and Qigong are both practices that closely relate to Chinese Traditional Medicine. This is what ancient people use to relieve stress and improve overall health. However, there is a distinct style in how to use both of the styles. Let’s get into what both practices offer and who can practice which.

What is the difference between Nei Gong vs Qigong?

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Although both practices focus on energy as a primary basis, they differ in how they have practiced and the benefits they offer. Qigong is what unlocks and builds energy to heal and nourish the body while Nei Gong on the other hand deals with multiplying that energy in higher quantities and focusing on deeper healings.

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Original Article Source Credits: White Tiger Qigong , https://whitetigerqigong.com/

Article Written By: 201 Creative

Original Article Posted on: May 25, 2022

Link to Original Article: https://whitetigerqigong.com/nei-gong-vs-qigong/


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