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Paris Sethi

BY Mock Webware |

"Alka is incredible. An Angel her healing session worked for me as I could not walk for 10 weeks and had excruciating knee, back and joint pain in my hands. Just after one session I was able to walk without the pain!! I went from 9-10 pain level to 4-5 in just one session!! I do not use the cane anymore and I plan to do more sessions for other issues. I am grateful to her and I highly recommend her. Do not hesitate at all. She is real, loving and does this with the intent to heal. Thank you Alka for helping me immensely. I feel elated and more energetic too! I plan to tell everyone I know who can benefit!!! Much love to Alka and all. Please do not suffer. I was suffering and until a few days ago, I thought life was sad and over but now I am recharged and happy contact Alka for any issue. I plan to!!


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